I've been honoured to work with the following individuals. They were gracious enough to share these kind words of our work together:

Janice led our team to its best year ever for sales. She possesses an incredible knack for effective leadership, which each member of our sales team felt empowered by. One of the most admirable qualities of Janice is her ability to be ‘no-nonsense’, in that our meetings were spent delving into what was effective sales and account management behavior, and being direct (but respectful) with that feedback. Equally as important, Janice was always encouraging our own professional development. I no doubt became a better salesperson for her role as my director.
— Water Conservation Consultant
Janice is a passionate and innovative leader who has played a key role in the positive changes to our sales team. A strong advocate for her staff while continuously pursuing company goals, Janice is creative and insightful, and regularly finds ways to ensure her team is able to perform better and smarter. Janice is also a collaborative team player and a transparent leader who respects the insights of her staff.
— Communications Specialist
I have worked with Janice for a number of years and was continually impressed with her ability to make decisions quickly and deliver results. Acting as my director, I learned from Janice’s strategic planning, anticipating product inventory, revenue growth, and department staffing needs. Janice’s leadership drove tremendous growth for the department over a short period of time. Perhaps what I admired most was how through all her accomplishments she led the team with humility.
— Manager, Sales Development
Janice is a strategic, action-oriented executive who, as the director of my team, kept the team focused on our major objectives. Janice sets herself apart with incisive analysis, focus on results, and passion for her work. As a direct report to her, Janice was open to new ideas and helpful in giving me guidance on strategies to pursue with my projects. I experienced tremendous growth personally and professionally over the three years that I worked on Janice’s team.
— Coaching Consultant & Director of Sales Development
Janice scaled operations by three-fold in the time we worked together, demonstrating her competency as a visionary, as a leader her team could always depend on, and as someone who would not back down from a challenge. Handling operations in a multitude of time zones with offices around the globe while at the same time directing a high functioning local team, Janice served as a role model, providing me with growth opportunities and building my own leadership capacity through mentorship and coaching. She is a true leader who functions under high pressure, but always keeps the positive energy alive in her team.
— Senior Policy Advisor
Janice pioneers an action-oriented approach, models best practices with her teams, and makes elevated performance look effortless. Keen to never miss an opportunity to drive forward, Janice is also consistently refining processes, spearheading efforts to revolutionize marketing approach, and helping to streamline costs to ensure that her work is always industry leading on all fronts. She communicates her vision with logic and passion, bringing on supporters across departments, giving even the largest agencies momentum towards a shared goal. She is, quite frankly, the perfect weapon.
— Senior Manager, Community & Youth Programs
Janice is without a doubt one the most genuine, passionate, and insightful managers I have had the opportunity to work with. She is an extraordinary leader and was able to earn the support and trust of each of her staff members. As our Sales Director, she had an incredible vision of what success for our team could look like, and a strategic plan of how to achieve that goal. Janice’s ability to mentor and train each of her staff to help them reach their full potential allowed us to be truly empowered by her, and in turn drove our team to surpass all our goals.
— International Recruiter
Janice’s straightforward and democratic leadership approach helped the team determine their areas of strength and also define areas for improvement. She worked closely with our team in both frequent one-on-one meetings and group sessions to determine realistic, actionable, and tangible strategies to achieve success with relation to our individual and team goals. I was impressed both by Janice’s ability to understand challenges that the team faced, and her ability to empower us with the tools needed to succeed. I also can’t help but mention Janice’s compassionate and caring personality that is contagious in the workplace.
— Project Manager