I help make companies like yours more profitable through a hands-on, results-focused approach customized to your business, sales team, and revenue goals.


Building & Repairing Sales Structures

How Clients Describe Their Challenge:

  • “We have a revenue goal we need to hit by end of quarter to close this round of funding."

  • "Our sales are down. Can you help us figure out why?”

  • "We need help setting up our sales structure."

  • "Help us figure out why our salespeople are less productive this year than last year.”

Solutions for Your Sales Structure

Beginning with a forensic analysis of what is occurring in your sales process, I then develop, test, and implement solutions – to repair what’s breaking down and to reconstruct a process that functions at a higher level. I also build high performing sales structures from the bottom up. Starting with your goals for revenue and your scaling plan, I then evaluate your needs for your workforce before developing a sales structure, process, and team designed to drive your mission faster.



Digital & Growth Marketing  

Are You Thinking:

  • “Could digital marketing help our sales? We don’t know what we don’t know.”

  • “We’re spending a ton of money for the return. Our marcom team is robust, but our leads are poor, or low in quantity.”

  • “We only have a budget of $1000. Where should we put it for the best return?”

  • “Do we do Facebook or Google ads?  What about LinkedIn? What's MailChimp and how does it help?  We don't know where to start.”

Solutions for Digital & Growth Marketing

I help you determine the best use of digital and growth marketing in your sales process – where you should pay to play online, how to increase quality leads, and then how to increase conversion on those leads. Working directly with your sales and marketing teams, I develop and run tests, create alignment among your teams’ workflow and goals, and customize a sales and marketing process and plan that enables you to invest in the right tools and team members to drive quality leads.



For Your Revenue, Sales Structure & Operations

You Have Questions Like:

  • “We just need to get to the next round of fundraising. Can you help me figure out how?”

  • “What should our sales targets be for this quarter?”

  • "What do you think of this candidate? Would you conduct an interview?”

  • "What do you think of this for a sales commission structure?"

Answers from a Sales VP Who Gets Your Business & Goals

I work with leaders and technical founders to help them hit revenue goals leading up to a round of funding or a short term target. When short-term, immediate assistance is key, I serve as your fractional VP of Sales – a sales coach you can call on that’s clutch, one you trust, who understands your business, goals, and challenges. I enable you to short-circuit the sales world and save time by delegating decisions to me, acting as your sounding board, and providing tactical, strategic input that serves your goals.