The companies I work with have a vision: they are looking to scale up, not just for the next quarter, but for the next decade.


Results I’ve Created with Companies Like Yours:


Revenue Strategy

  • Increased profits by 212% in 1 year by restructuring regional teams and broadening footprint in key markets

  • Directed sales development to rebound from the company’s worst year to achieve 32% growth and the company’s most profitable year ever within 6 months

  • Secured a global distributor resulting in $12M revenue within 18 months

  • Managed $10M budgets for programs in 6 countries

Strategic Sales Leadership

  • Built, ran, and rehabilitated sales teams and infrastructures for 15+ years

  • Established and integrated an innovative onboarding program that enabled new hires to close their first sale 4 weeks earlier than was previously possible

  • Successfully developed and mentored staff to streamline adoption of a new program that resulted in a 200% increase in sales per employee within 1 year


Management, Operations & Scale

  • Provided cross-functional leadership to a team of 65 domestic personnel, 350 overseas employees, and 120 seasonal staff across 8 countries.

  • Managed multiple teams across North, Central and South America, Africa and Asia -- including real estate transactions, staff recruitment and training, capital investment financing and modeling and infrastructure development -- resulting in increased staff retention and investments totaling over $30M

  • Oversaw training of the management team to successfully raise NPS by 5 points in a single year

Sales & Marketing Leadership

  • Spearheaded a cross-functional initiative to develop and launch 3 new products, including leading initiatives on customer research, competitor analysis, and product positioning

  • Guided implementation of innovative new sales and branding initiatives to increase productivity by sales person by 10% in one year

  • Delivered an 18% reduction in product discounting in 1 year

  • Product optimization and market fit to help customer increase new channel sales compared to previous product launch


Partnership Acquisition

  • Increased existing accounts up 90% with new accounts trading at 30% more

  • Managed strategic initiative to triple the number of partnerships developed within the first 3 quarters

  • Successfully achieved a 20% increase in affiliate partner purchases

  • Established new streams of revenue and developed 6 new sales channels as a result of partner acquisitions in North America, Australia, and Asia.



I want to work with companies that are willing to consider new ways of approaching their process and teams.

They are ready to see their sales infrastructure with fresh eyes — and potentially start over if it means getting to where they want to go, faster. They tend to lead agile teams, have finite resources, and are not looking for a quick fix, but a sustainable solution.

We create one together.

Some of my past & current experiences include: