👋 I’m Janice.


As a growth consultant, I help industry-leading organizations become more profitable.  

I leverage 17 years of experience creating sustainable revenue growth for my clients: I’ve run sales teams in multinational corporations, built sales teams from the ground up starting as a startup’s salesperson number 1, and rehabilitated sales teams to rebound from their worst year on the books to their most profitable.

I’ve been in your shoes as a leader, guiding businesses as Executive Director of Revenue, Head of Sales Operations, and VP of Business Development. I know what it takes to face the challenges of scaling every day, because I’ve done it. Let’s not repeat the same mistakes.

Let’s meet your goals head-on together.

I begin by understanding want you want to achieve – and why – and what you feel are the obstacles and opportunities on that path. It’s important that I start with knowing the whole story, warts and all. As a result of working in a wide variety of organizations, I’m able to help you identify the pitfalls and possibilities that are cross-sector, and quickly determine a plan of action for your organization now.

I take an outcome-based approach to understanding and tackling my clients’ problems; my preference is to move to action quickly. You’ve already invested resources in trying to fix what’s broken, and prolonged analysis is typically not helpful by the time I join your team.

Let’s get revenue in your door.

This is my sweet spot: working hands-on inside highly complex organizations, diving in and applying creative solutions that hit audacious goals.  

For example, in a recent role as Director of Sales for the market leader in the educational travel space, I drove sales development to rebound from the company’s worst year to achieve 32% growth and the company’s most profitable year ever within 6 months.

I’ve also grown companies from ideation to global growth. At a startup at the nexus of philanthropy and youth engagement, I joined as sales person number 1 and went on to scale the team and provide leadership to a team of 400+ across 8 countries.

Within other client companies, I have, over the course of a single year: increased profits by 212%; developed and mentored staff members to streamline adoption of a new program that resulted in a 200% increase in sales per employee; and oversaw training to successfully raise NPS by 5 points. To learn more about my work and results, click here.

Creating collaborative and motivated teams, nurturing star players, and coaching leaders to create fun working environments are also key values of how I choose to work.

As a leader, I know how important it is to bring in outside help – and also how disruptive it can be if it’s not done with intention. This means that when you bring me on board, I am humble and seek to learn from all members of your team to ensure my presence and work impacts your entire organization. I know how critical it is for new initiatives to be rolled out cross-functionally and I guide that process, too.

When I join your team, we don’t just solve the problems you’re experiencing today.  

We create lasting solutions and set up processes that will serve your business long after my work concludes.  

I truly believe everything has a solution; we only have to be creative in finding it. I’m not afraid to throw out old models of thinking to get you to where you are going in new ways that will serve your unique growth.

That’s my true goal: enabling you to be more successful by helping you grow to the size you want to be, stay true to your purpose, and drive your mission faster.  


Janice is without a doubt one the most genuine, passionate, and insightful managers I have had the opportunity to work with. She is an extraordinary leader and was able to earn the support and trust of each of her staff members. As our Sales Director, she had an incredible vision of what success for our team could look like, and a strategic plan of how to achieve that goal. Janice’s ability to mentor and train each of her staff to help them reach their full potential allowed us to be truly empowered by her, and in turn drove our team to surpass all our goals.
— International Recruiter


A Little More About Me…

Work is play to me!  But when I am not on site with my clients, I am often serving as mentor for startups at the nexus of tech, education, and HR.  

An Advisor to #MoveTheDial, an Activator and Mentor for SheEO, and a Provincial Ambassador for Women in Tech, I am passionate about supporting female-led ventures and helping those companies scale their growth from post seed to consistent cash flow.

I love working with companies that are making the world a better place but are also profit motivated – two concepts that seem at odds in our world but that I believe are more powerful together.

I also mentor with Venture for Canada, have been a guest lecturer at Humber and Centennial College, and was selected to participate in the Austrian Leadership Program in 2018-19 to support start-ups in Austria and Canada to better understand mutual export markets.

I have strong roots in the larger travel industry, with active past participation in SYTA, WYSE, NAIS, CAIS and TICO.  In 2018, I was named one of Canadian Traveller’s Top 40 Under 40 and was a speaker at NY Travel Fest.

A keen student of the changing worlds of educational delivery, pedagogy, and the role of the internet in how learning continues to evolve, you will often find me nerding out online, trying the latest course in coding, learning management systems, or languages.

I balance my obsession with the latest business books and political podcasts with an unabashed love of the social experiment that is trashy reality TV (hellooo, Real Housewives series!) and tuning into the morbidly hilarious podcast, My Favorite Murder, with my husband every week.

While I love serving as a fractional Chief Revenue Officer or Head of Sales Operations for clients, the most important titles I hold are wife, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend.

Think we’d have fun hitting bold goals together?  Do you like dog gifs?


Janice’s straightforward and democratic leadership approach helped the team determine their areas of strength and also define areas for improvement. She worked closely with our team in both frequent one-on-one meetings and group sessions to determine realistic, actionable, and tangible strategies to achieve success with relation to our individual and team goals. I was impressed both by Janice’s ability to understand challenges that the team faced, and her ability to empower us with the tools needed to succeed.
— Scrum Master