Janice Sousa is an expert in sales strategy, team management and educational sector program development, focusing her decades of professional experience on building and scaling sales teams, programming around the world and working with industry leading educational partners and corporations to help create sustainable growth. 
In 2007, Janice joined the Me to We Trips team at a time when student volunteer travel was new and no one in the industry was taking young people overseas without teachers or parents - let alone to the developing world. In her time with Me to We, she grew the business from 20 students in one year to over 8,000 per year with partnerships in America, Asia and Europe to help sell their product and reach more students than they could on their own. She is proud to have co-created programming with Oprah's Angel Network, Virgin Atlantic and Disney among others.
In addition to sales, business development and distribution partnerships, her role focused on developing programs and teams focused on training youth and young adults in leadership skills and social issues education driving actions resulting in positive social change. Her expertise in operations supported the growth and development of national and international programs and staff development. Over her time years, Janice served Me to We in a number of different organizational change, brand and program development roles, including her most recent role as a Executive Director for International Office Operations for Programming in Ghana, India, Nicaragua, Kenya, China and Ecuador.
Janice is a proud member of the larger travel industry, with active past participation in SYTA, WYSE, NAIS, CAIS and TICO and a keen student of the changing worlds of educational delivery, pedagogy and the role of the internet in how learning continues to evolve. You can always find her trying out the latest online course in coding, learning management systems or languages. Janice is a proud wife, sister, daughter and friend. She is passionate about creating fun working environments and collaborative teams to hit audacious goals. For over a decade, Janice has been relied upon by organizations who are looking for someone to help them meet their goals, to grow their impact, better serve their staff and stakeholders and address their challenges head-on.